The MyTutor Rep Scheme

Everything you need to know about our tutor representative scheme
Meet your reps

Why have a rep scheme?

1. Improve communication

Through your reps, you'll have a more direct line of communication with with MyTutor team.

2. Feel represented

You'll have the opportunity to share the things that matter to you most

3. Sense of community

You'll have the opportunity to chat to other tutors on the platform

What do our previous reps say?


Science and Maths tutor
Being a MyTutor Rep has been an amazing opportunity. It’s a great role because you get to know the tutor community and be the voice for thousands of tutors around the country. You also develop your presentation, interpersonal and advocacy skills. I really recommend applying!


English tutor
More than anything, being a part of this Rep Scheme has shown me that MyTutor truly values the welfare, opinions and skills of their tutors. Huge plans and changes were made in 6 months and I look forward to seeing the next cohort of Tutor Reps continue to represent the tutor community and implement positive changes!


French and Maths tutor
The tutor rep scheme provided us with a great way to make the concerns that we shared with the tutor community known to MyTutor and to make impactful suggestions to improve life on the platform for tutors. This would not have been possible without tutor participation in our surveys and on the forum!