Who's eligible to apply?

We’re looking for 6 tutors who are committed to both the wider community, and the improvement of MyTutor itself. Applications were open to all, and we’ll make sure the final reps represent everyone (like subjects taught, whether you’re on the schools or private side of the platform, and if you’re new on site or have been with us for a while).

How are reps chosen?

Applications were shortlisted by last year's tutor reps - this is because there’ll be hundreds of applications to go through, which would take much longer than is reasonable for every tutor to sift through and fairly vote on.

The 30 shortlisted tutors' application videos are here for you to review and vote on. We’ll ask you to vote for your top 6 in order of preference, to give us the flex to ensure the final reps truly represent our tutorbase (like gender, tutors that teach different subjects, those who are new and experienced, and those on the schools and private side).

What was the shortlist criteria?

The shortlisted candidates will be chosen based on the following criteria:

• On the Tutor Facebook Forum, or willing to join
• Plan to tutor for at least the duration of rep scheme
• Happy to commit to the time & requirements of the rep scheme
• Their answers show they’re invested in the entire tutor community
• They clearly demonstrate what they think they can bring to the rep scheme, and to their fellow tutors

Unfortunately we won’t be able to offer personalised feedback if you apply but aren’t successful.

What are the timelines?

Voting is open until 12th December, in time for the chosen reps to be contacted and confirmed before Christmas. We’ll kick off the scheme in January, and it’ll last till June 2022!

What does being a rep involve?

Reps will be in charge of keeping an eye on the #TutorReps hashtag on the Facebook Forum, and going through the ‘suggestions box’ survey to really get to know the community - this will help inform what they’ll discuss with MyTutor during monthly meetings. 

They’ll be expected to write an agenda, send it to MyTutor each month, and write up the notes from each meeting. They’ll also be expected to complete a mid-point and end of scheme survey to let MyTutor know how they're getting on.

What's the time commitment?

As well as attending an hour-long meeting with MyTutor each month, we expect you’ll spend a few hours a month collating feedback from the wider community and liaising with their fellow reps. It’s really important that all reps share this commitment so time spent is split equally.

What’s in it for reps?

Becoming a rep is a great way to gain new skills, and to make a real difference to the experience of a community of tutors. They'll be paid £200 at the end of the 6 months, as well as receiving a thank you gift, and a LinkedIn endorsement from us!

I need help with the vote!

If you didn't receive an email with a unique code to vote in the election, let us know here. If you're having any tech issues with the ballot, please contact support@uk-engage.org. For anything else, drop us a note at tutors@mytutor.co.uk.